How To Choose The Right Shed Foundation Material

Having a well built shed in the backyard area is something everyone loves to cherish. Aside from being functional, a properly built shed enhance the exterior of your home. Additionally, a lovely shed increases the worth of your house. However, building a shed is not an easy chore. Various factors must be taken into consideration to construct a strong and elegant shed. Besides deciding the size and style, choosing the right foundation material is paramount to the longevity of the shed. So, how to choose the right shed foundation material?


Obviously, you want a strong shed that will last for years. You would love to spend your evening hours in the newly built patio area. It is also likely that you wish to host small parties with your friends and loved ones. As such, the chosen base material should be highly durable to stand the beatings of regular usage. The materiel should not come off every once in a while. In fact, the material should stay intact with the flooring of the shed. Concrete mix or treated wood have higher durability, but you may also go for gravel as the base material.

Weather resistant

Since you are building a backyard patio area, it is more susceptible to weather. The situation could be even worse if you are living in a region with extreme weather conditions with heavy rainfall or snowfall. All such conditions can damage the foundation of the shed. So make sure you choose the material that is weather resistant. Gravel could be a great material for foundation for extreme climatic conditions.

Ease of cleaning

An exterior deck is an area where you would love to unwind and while away your stress. You don’t wish to spend too much time on cleaning the floor after a tiring day. So make sure the base material stays stuck to the floor and allows easy cleaning without any hassle. Treated wood is a good choice in this respect, but concrete could be your top priority if mixed properly during foundation. With a simple cleaning solution, you can wipe out any dirt and derbies that might have accumulated on the flooring.


Of course, you don’t want to expend too much on building the base of the shed. While most of the materials such as treated wood or gravel come with a higher price tag, you may go for concrete mix. In addition to being affordable, concrete mix will increase the life span of the foundation. Also, it is easy to fix repairs with concrete foundation in exchange for a nominal expense.

Bottom line

Spending some time in your backyard shed is a great way to relax after a stressful day. However, you ought to build a quality shed to enjoy its services for years. The choice of the foundation material is extremely important to ensure that the shed is able to withstand regular usage and extreme weather conditions. If you lack info on how to choose the right shed foundation material, stick to the above points and you could be able to select an ideal material to build a top class shed that will serve you for years.

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