These 10 She Shed Ideas Will Get You Thinking About Your Own!

Right now, I have two different storage sheds.  Last weekend, we finally decided to take at them and organizing stuff right.  I could not believe all the stuff that I found that I forgot about.

I also didn’t realize how much junk that I was storing that I knew that I would never use.  Ever.  I purged a lot of stuff.

In the end, it turned out that I really now only fill one storage shed.  this got my wife and I thinking about looking at turning the second shed into a great little “She Shed” for her!

Over the last few days, we have been looking at a lot of different ideas for her she shed and getting a list together on what we need.  I wanted to share what we found and some of our favorites.  Having all these different examples is definitely bringing me a lot of decorating ideas while I kind of plan out my own.

A Relaxing Little Reading NooK With Tiny Library

I love this one by the Kloter Farms Blog because it appears that they took a pre-built shed that they bought and really made it their own little reading area – DIY style!  Looks like a place you could stay in all day!  I love the paint color choices as well.

a reading nook in the back yard
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An Elegant “Woman Cave”

I really like how “airy” this retreat is by Ella Claire.  I feel like this would be a perfect place to spend an afternoon while the breeze gently ruffled the curtain door.  If this place doesn’t bring you some zen, I don’t know what will!  The window boxes full of flowers and tiny deck is kind of the perfect icing on the cake for this and helps it fit right in with the landscape.

elegant looking woman cave
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Gorgeous Art Studio Shed

I have to say that I am far from an artist – but, this she shed that shared awhile back might actually even turn me into an art expert.  How could you not get inspired while working and creating in this?

artist studio shed
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Writing Shed With Relaxing Loft

I love this because it kind of combines a work and writing area with a relax spot as well.  Tara’s very unique little workspace where I am sure that you will write a few best sellers from.  The relaxing loft even features a skylight which I imagine would be fun to lay out at night in while watching the stars.

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A Fun Painting Studio

This one takes organization to the next level making it not only look amazing, but it also appears to be extremely functional.  I love how most of the front can be completely opened up letting in a good breeze while painting the next masterpiece.

painting shed
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The Cozy Studio

I’ve got to admit, when you first look at this one, it feels a little plain.  But, wait until you see the inside.  I love the paint color choices – very in right now.  The love seat fits in perfectly and there is lots of shelving for books, storage and other things you need out there.

the cozy studio shed
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A Colorful Sewing Shed

My grandmother used to sew a lot and seeing this makes me wish she was still around so I can show her.  She would love it!  I love the interior paint colors and how they work with the colors of the furniture.  I also love the exterior almost Victorian style.

a colorful sewing shed
image via


Combination Shed and Greenhouse

If you are a green thumb, having both a place to relax as well as grow some plants can be very rewarding.  This shed makes that happen.  Lots of windows for plenty of light to get in.

image via


Relaxing Garden Room Shed

I love how the trees kind of flow over this she shed and almost hide parts of it helping it to blend into the landscape.  I also love the addition of a slide for the kids!  Nice little seating area and a great little work desk as well.  Very multi-functional.

garden shed in the trees
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Something more rustic

Something more rustic looking might be something to check out if you are on more of a budget and maybe want to put something together with a bit more “worn” look.  I love this one.

a rustic looking shed

These are just some of the ones that I found so far. There are so many different ideas available at all different budgets.