Ryan’s My Shed Plans Elite Review – 12000 Awesome Building Plans!

my shed plans elite product imageWhether you a professional or just an amateur, building of sheds is an activity that many of us engage in at one time or another. It could be bird houses, outdoor sheds, garden furniture or just any other structure that we build. Because we lack the proper guidelines on how to do it, we often get it wrong and even mess it all up. This could be through buying of wrong materials, getting the wrong measurements, or even going overboard in terms of project time.

When such things happen, we are left embarrassed and worn out. It is on this premise that Ryan Henderson, a professional who has spent over 20 years working on sheds, authored the My Shed Plans. It is a comprehensive coverage of shed plans and woodworking projects.

In this My Shed Plans review, the features of the program and the benefits that you can derive from it will be detailed. Remember, My Shed Plans is very different from the other DIY guides that you may have used in one instance or another. Many of these guides are vague in their explanations, they have unclear diagrams and above it all skip critical areas making them incomplete.

Features of My Shed Plans

There are several features that make this program one of the best there is in the woodworking industry. Many of these features transfer direct benefits to you as you seek to construct your sheds in the most economical and professional manner.

Hundreds of Blueprints Plans and Shed Designs

plans for a small shedMy Shed Plans has a lot of shed designs and comprehensive blueprints that it has included in its program. Ryan Henderson was very particular about the details of each design and articulated it in such a professional manner. This makes the program a great asset not only to hobbyists but also to seasoned professionals.
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Packed with Great Ideas and Tips

In woodworking and shed building, there are a variety of tips and ideas that can help you save on time and money. These same tips will enhance your final product. Whether you are constructing an entire stable or just small clock housings, you will find this program an absolute necessity. The ideas contained in My Shed Plans are from professionals who have been in the industry for such a long time.

Comprehensive Material Lists

nice shed for storageIn many situations, the reason we get things wrong when dealing with woodworking projects is the lack of precision in terms of the materials needed. Usually, we end up buying the wrong set of materials, the wrong quantities or even spend so much on unnecessary materials which we end up not using. By coming up with detailed material lists, this program help you to know the right materials to buy which not only saves on your time but also your money as well. You will be able to do thorough market research and material comparisons in the various stores with an aim of getting the most economical deal.

Detailed “How-to” Woodworking Guides

As illustrated in this My Shed Plans review, this program is a step by step guide showing you exactly what to do at each and every step. This is very important because you will never miss a single step or be confused along the way as you start on your project. The woodworking guide also comes with a course to further educate you on the reasons as to why you perform some actions during constructions. This will make you knowledgeable and turn you into a professional within a short duration of time.

Professional Planning

diagram of shed plansWith My Shed Plans, you do not have to worry about your first shed. It has done some comprehensive planning to help you move from one level to another without fear of messing up. The planning touches on the materials to be used, the timing of the projects and even the cost estimates where applicable. This will give you a roadmap on what to expect at every stage of the construction process.

woodworking plans My Shed Plans A Comprehensive Guide to Woodworking Projects

The Benefits of My Shed Plans

There are several advantages that you can enjoy when using My Shed Plans in constructing your outdoor sheds. The highlights as indicated in this My Shed Plans review shows the outstanding benefits that you can expect to reap from this program.

Appropriate For All Skill Levels

Whether it is your first attempt in building outdoor structures or woodworking projects, this program will help you in picking the right project to start with. It will also teach you how to execute the woodworking project in order to bring professional results. You do not have to be a certified professional or joiner for you to build a shed if this program is in your hands. My Shed Plans will guide you through every single twist and turn of the project. It will hold your hand and take you through even the most technical areas. It does not matter whether you have failed in the past; this program will show you how to get it right.

Expert Advice

Ryan Henderson has given his all in this program. He has emptied his 20 years plus in woodworking to make the program a rich resource for anyone serious about making sheds. Such expert knowledge would have otherwise cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to acquire. He brings it out clearly using diagrams and detailed procedures to give you the confidence and precision you need.


Reading each of the My Shed Plans review, you can tell with certainty that the program has been effective in helping so many people around the world to build their woodworking projects. Each and every day, positive feedback is streaming in to confirm that indeed My Shed Plans is an effective program.


For a fraction of the cost you could have otherwise incurred in hiring a contractor, My Shed Plans shows you how to build your own outdoor shed. This saves you money and gives you life skills that you would require top construct more sheds without spending much money.


4 bonus books



With a 100% money back guarantee, My Shed Plans has proved to be a risk free program. It has a wide range of plans that you can choose from to bring variety to your woodworking projects.

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