Things To Remember When Choosing The Shed Location In Your Yard

If you have just bought a new shed, you probably want to take it home and set it in place as soon as possible. However, the location does make a difference and you should keep in mind these things to remember when choosing the shed location in your yard. Some sheds are easy to move and are designed for that purpose. However, if your shed is going to be placed on a concrete foundation, it is of course especially important to get the location right the first time.


Of course, convenience is one of the most important factors, when trying to decide on the right site. If you have a huge yard, you may not want to put the shed as far from your back door as possible. However, you may also want to place it so that you don’t obscure any view that you have from your patio or outdoor seating area. Small trees or shrubs planted in front of your shed can help to hide it from sight to a large extent. Many homeowners prefer not to have their shed visible from the street, for obvious security reasons. If you will be storing heavy and unwieldy items in your shed such as a lawnmower, sporting equipment or a ladder, you may want to locate your shed with the goal of having to move things as short a distance as possible.

Other Things To Think About

Most homeowners instinctively choose a corner site for their shed, which is probably the most unobtrusive location. Don’t place your shed right up against a wall or fence; make sure you leave a gap of at least a couple of feet all around the shed, to make maintenance and decorating easier. You also don’t want your shed to be too close to the neighbor’s yard, so that rain and snow falls off the roof into their garden. It’s also worth choosing the location so that rain doesn’t flow off the roof onto seating, a flower bed, or any other area of your yard that you prefer to keep dry. You may also want to make sure that your shed is placed on level ground, and in an area that isn’t prone to flooding. Depending on the material your shed is built from, you may want to locate it to be protected from extremes of weather, such as high winds or bright sunlight.

Consider Your Local Rules

Finally, don’t forget about any local restrictions or regulations that might prevent you from putting a shed in your yard, or that may determine its size or materials. If you live in a community which requires you to pay homeowners fees, the rules can be especially strict, covering not only a shed but the height and appearance of fencing and walls, and even whether you can plant flowers or shrubs. There is no doubt that a shed can be a useful and functional addition to any yard, although you can choose the right placement by considering the above things to remember when choosing the shed location in your yard.

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